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Department News - April 2009

Academic Affairs

Four faculty members spoke at the first HSC faculty development workshop, “Teaching and learning strategies for today’s students,” held Feb. 20-21 in College Station, Texas.
  • Dr. Larry Bellinger was the general session speaker and presented “APT matters at the component and HSC levels.”
  • Dr. Charles W. Berry presented the workshop overview at the opening session.
  • Dr. Bob Hutchins was a co-presenter of a breakout session titled “Use of technology and multimedia to enhance learning.”
  • Dr. Ann McCann gave two presentations. She was the lunchtime speaker and presented “Closing the loop on learning.” She also was a co-presenter of a breakout session titled “Service learning: preceptors and portfolios.”

Dental Hygiene

Lisa Mallonee was invited to present two continuing education courses Feb. 26-29 at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. The morning session was titled “Healthy mouth, healthy body, healthy practice!” The afternoon session was titled “Fattening of America - What does dentistry have to do with it?”

Kelly Muhney was an invited speaker for the dental hygiene section at the American Dental Education Association 2009 annual session March 15 in Phoenix. Her presentation, “Academic integrity,” addressed the current academic culture and student peer behaviors and attitudes regarding academic dishonesty. 

Oral Surgery

Dr. Roger Alexander gave a presentation to the Oak Cliff Dental Study Club on March 12 in Dallas. His topic was “Staying calm in an increasingly crazy world: recognizing and controlling personal and professional stress.”


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Dr. Jeffrey Rossman presented a live surgical demonstration at the Southwest Dental Conference as part of its Center for Knowledge on Jan. 23. The presentation was titled “Using platelet-rich plasma in periodontal therapy.”