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Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College Of Dentistry Employee Profile

Cobb Family
                                            Dr. Stan Cobb and Family

Dr. Stan Cobb, associate professor in restorative sciences, is well-known for his sense of humor and cowboy persona. Aside from this, he is an effective dental educator, Christian leader and humanitarian. He has earned the respect and friendship of his peers and students alike.

Hometown: Just outside Fort Worth, Texas

Place I'd like to live/retire: Perhaps northern New Mexico. I love spending time there, but ultimately, I wish to live near my kids. I have moved six times since going to work for Baylor – I can live most anywhere.

Role model: Some of the nameless cowboys I worked with when I lived in the Panhandle. Simple quiet lives, simple desires, men who cared for their faith, family and friends as well as nurturing their animals and the earth.

Personal motto: Not all who wander are lost. (JRR Tolkien)

Best thing about my job or BCD: I have a purpose to come up here…I love the students, I really do. I enjoy almost everyone I work with and I have very deep feelings for them.

Career highlight: Seeing my kids’ success after their mother (mostly) and I educated them.

If I weren’t at BCD, I’d …:
be talking somewhere.

Life philosophy: It is found in the Bible, John 10:27.

Pet peeve: People giving me back my own advice, when I made the same mistake they did.

Favorite vacation destination: Taos, New Mexico, area

Dream car: I don’t dream about transportation, BUT a 1948 MG would be fun.

Favorite hobby:
Painting, reading, writing, and chasing cows on horseback

Word that best describes me: Grouchy

Favorite comfort food:
Mexican food

Something you might not know about me:
I had my own radio show and was a comedy writer/standup comedian… once upon a time…back in the day.

Top two passions: Talking is number one and talking less is number two.

What my colleagues say about me:

Dr. Stan Ashworth, assistant clinical professor in general dentistry: Stan Cobb is one of the most diversified people I know. His range of interests and experiences is astounding. He is conversant in history, philosophy, science, education, poetry, humor and rodeos to name a few. I learn something from him whenever we visit and he always seems to expand my horizons. I feel blessed to have him as a friend.

Dr. George Cramer, assistant professor in restorative sciences: It’s hard to say enough good things about Stan. In fact, it’s hard to say anything good about Stan! Wait, I take that back. He was the ugliest baby ever born in Tarrant County, Texas! Does that count? He was so ugly that the doctor couldn’t tell which end to slap … so he slapped Stan’s mother instead. Oh, and another thing, Stan embodies all the qualities of a dental instructor. He’s surly, nasty tempered, odious and not very bright. If it weren’t for his lovely wife, Pam, he would not be acceptable in any social circles. He really wants to be a cowboy, but no self-respecting horse will have him. He may be one of my dearest friends, but I don’t understand why he would be featured in this publication when there are so many real instructors and dentists available. To know Stan is to … well, sort of … love him? It gives me great pleasure to speak on his behalf.

Dr. Steve Karbowski, associate professor in restorative sciences: Cowboy? Missionary? Preacher? After dinner speaker? Comedian? Artist? Dentist? Poet? Teacher? Ethicist?  I sometimes think Dr. Stan Cobb is having a hard time deciding what he wants to be when he grows up! I am certain of this much, however, that beneath whatever “hat” he may decide to wear, you’ll find a caring and committed Christian leader who puts feet on his faith in the form of ministry to students, colleagues and the poorest of the poor in many Third World countries.

Dr. Amp Miller
, professor and director of curriculum in academic affairs: Stan is a great faculty member who brings a lot of support to the students. He is always willing to go the extra mile for them. Stan is also an artist and humorist with a unique cowboy perspective, and if you ever get a chance to hear him speak “after dinner,” you’ll really enjoy him.  He has additionally taken on primary responsibility for the ethics curriculum, where he is bringing innovative insight to his courses. Besides all that, he is a good friend.