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Supply versus demand

2012 Free Sealant and Prophy Day

Asian-American Dental Society Free Sealant and Prophy Day fall 2012

 Media Resources/Steven Doll

There was no shortage of volunteers during the ADS Free Sealant and Prophy Day. The surge in help just gave young patients another reason to smile.

Nov. 3 marked the 13th year of the Asian-American Dental Society’s Free Sealant and Prophy Day, but in no way was the occasion unlucky. In fact, there was an overwhelming turnout among student volunteers who wanted to help with the biannual event, which benefits children ages 6 to 14 by providing free dental cleanings and fluoride treatments, sealants and screenings.

The turnout of approximately 104 volunteers was so large that Dr. Loulou Moore, associate professor in restorative sciences and ADS adviser, says additional dental and dental hygiene assistant slots had to be created so all students would be able to participate.

By comparison, past sealant day events have drawn somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 volunteers.

The overwhelming volunteer response required some quick thinking on the part of ADS organizers. Instead of assigning one assistant and one operator to every dental chair in the pediatric clinic, two assistants and one operator were assigned to every other chair. It made for a full house and lots of clean mouths — 101 to be precise.

This year’s large volunteer base comprised ADS and college alumni, faculty, residents, staff, dental and dental hygiene students, and predental students from Austin College, The University of Texas at Dallas, and University of North Texas.