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Dr. Loulou Moore

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Dr. Loulou Moore

Associate professor in restorative sciences

Favorite part of the holiday season: First, my husband’s and my favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving because our wedding date is around this holiday. After 41 years of marriage, we have a lot to be thankful for. Second, the best part of our holiday season: the time for us to be with family and friends, to pause and reflect on what we have done for the last year, and to truly enjoy each other and not think about anything else.

Most fun you’ve had filling a wish list request: Bob and I have always enjoyed shopping for our two grandchildren (just wished to have more), however, every year we look forward to helping Lori Dees — stewardship and alumni relations manager — with the Toy Drive. It gives us a good reason to shop for these children, whom we consider our "other" grandchildren. The only thing Bob and I wish is that we had those wish cards sooner, so that we could double the number of the wish cards to 10 instead of four or five. We have the most fun when filling the wish cards for young children. It is one of the greatest parts of the holiday season!

Most surprising thing about the wish list requests you’ve received: We have seen some of the most basic and simple wishes, which made me cry. For example, a 14-year-old young girl asked for stationery, and a 10-year-old young man asked for puzzles. Bob and I make sure to add extra gifts appropriate for their ages and genders besides what they originally requested.