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Research and Scholars Day photo gallery

Find out more about the day's winners, their research topics and those who helped them along the way

Dental Hygiene Table Clinics

2012 Research & Scholars Day

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: DH2s Emily Wilpitz; Theresa Curry; Jazmin Garcia; Jennifer Otto; Neema Placheril;
and Nessa Placheril.

First place: Wilpitz and Curry
Topic: "The Truth about Plastics and the Role of Bisphenol-A (BPA)"
Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Muzzin

Second place: Garcia and Otto
Topic: "Cocoa: Protection for your sweet tooth?"
Faculty mentor: Lisa Harper Mallonee

Honorable mention: Neema and Nessa Placheril
Topic: "Are you wheezing your way into caries?"  
Faculty mentor: Stephanie Spann

Dental Student Poster Presentations
2012 Research & Scholars Day

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: D2s Zach Alleman; Anne Lindley; Cara Kessler; Naveen Karim; Charlene Garcia; and Jordan Luna.

First place: Garcia and Luna
Topic: "Parasympathomimetic Sialogogues and Salivary Gland Dysfunction"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Ibtisam Al-Hashimi

Second place: Karim
Topic: "Endodontic Intelligent Release System for Apexification Using Calcium Hydroxide Microspheres"
class="smallText">Faculty mentor: Dr. Xiaohua Liu

Third place: Lindley
Topic: "Use of a Novel Microstimulatory Device for TMJ Treatment"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Spears

Fourth place: Kessler
Topic: "IL-17 and IL-23 Affect Inflammation in the TMJ"
Faculty mentor: Spears

Honorable mention: Alleman
Topic: "Ectopic Activation of Bmp4: Effects on Mandibular and Tooth Development"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Bruno Ruest

DDS Oral Presentations

2012 Research & Scholars Day

D2 Meredith Davis and Dr. Robert Spears

First place: Davis
Topic: "Improving the EBD Skills of Dental Students through Curricular Innovation"
Faculty mentor: Drs. Ann McCann and Spears

Graduate Student Oral Presentations

2012 Research & Scholars Day

Yinshi Ren and Anika Voisey, biomedical sciences graduate students

First place: Voisey
Topic: "A Direct Role for DKK1 in Calvarial Osteogenesis"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Jerry Feng

Second place: Ren
Topic: "Sclerostin Deletion Rescues Periodontal Bone Loss in Periostin Knock-out Mice"
Faculty mentor: Feng

Photos by Steven Doll