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Research, round two

2012 Research & Scholars Day

Yinshi Ren, a biomedical
sciences graduate student and
winner of the 2012 AADR/Johnson
& Johnson Healthcare Products
Hatton Awards Competition,
presents his research on April 4 during
Research and Scholars Day.

Photo by Steven Doll

Student researchers made an impressive showing at the March 2012 AADR meeting. Less than two weeks later, they did it all again.

Less than two weeks after students made their presence known at the 2012 American Association for Dental Research annual meeting, the focus continued with Research and Scholars Day.

On April 4, the 25 predoctoral and graduate students who presented during the AADR meeting in Tampa, Fla., demonstrated their knowledge once again. That afternoon, the dental school was filled with activity as table clinics and poster and oral presentations spanned multiple floors.

Some presenters were among those recognized at the AADR’s National Student Research Group meeting, including two Dentsply/Caulk Student Research Group finalists and Yinshi Ren, a biomedical sciences graduate student, who won the prestigious AADR/Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Hatton Awards Competition.

The award isn’t causing Ren to lose focus on the importance of his project, which he discussed the morning of his Research and Scholars Day presentation.

The project — part of an ongoing study by Ren’s faculty mentor, Dr. Jian “Jerry” Feng, professor in biomedical sciences, focuses on how to restore bone loss when treating periodontal disease and the role of the periodontal ligament with regard to the condition.

“It gives us new thought on periodontal treatment and even tooth implantation,” Ren says. “It is of great importance to have people realize the new role PDL may play in the postnatal bone modeling.”

At the end of Research and Scholars Day, students and faculty mentors gathered in Room 605 for the awards ceremony, which started with a few words from Dr. Rena D’Souza, biomedical sciences professor and AADR president, who made a fitting comment:

“Your ability to ask questions will be crucial to the field of dentistry,” she told them.

For many dental student researchers, those unanswered questions will be explored again in just a few weeks, as the Predoctoral Student Research Program commences June 4.

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