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Family ties

BCD Family Day 2012

D1 households descend upon college for crash course in dentistry

D1 Stephanie Reeh (far right) looks over her husband Zachary Reeh's shoulder as he attempts to prepare a cavity for a filling during Family Day on April 14.

“They were all thrilled about the high speed drill that I was sure to inform them spun at over 200,000 RPMs,” said Reehs, who also was joined by her parents and in-laws. “Let's just say my husband's prep turned out like the majority of the preps the D1s did on their first day in operative lab!

“I truly believe they got a good taste of what being a D1 student in Lab 30 looks like.”

Every year, Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry hosts the event to orient D1 and DH1 families to the college. The 2012 Family Day had nearly 350 participants, who attended a coffee reception, presentations, interactive lab and clinic activities, and lunch. Students also had the opportunity to take their families on a tour of the dental school.

Photo by Steven Doll