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The Richard F. Ceen Endowment for Educational Enrichment

Dr. Richard Ceen

Dr. Richard Ceen (far right) at the Department of Orthodontics graduation event on May 18, with CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT:
Drs. Chad Capps; Stephen Ruso; and Lauren Carney.

 Media Resources/Steven Doll

What it is and how you can contribute

When it was established: May 18

Why it was established: The endowment was established to honor an exceptional individual, Dr. Richard F. Ceen. His contributions to the art and science of orthodontics and to the education of more than 150 graduates of the Department of Orthodontics of Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry has been unparalleled. Ceen’s untiring efforts have provided exceptional recognition to the department while serving as chair, interim chair and program director for more than 25 years.

What it will do: The endowment will provide stability and enhance funding for the graduate orthodontic program. Funds will aid the department with speaker honoraria, new technology in the clinic and expenses for educational meetings. The endowment will also eventually provide partial scholarships to aid students who are seeking a career in orthodontic education — something to which Ceen has dedicated his entire life.

How it will work: Once the endowment amount has been reached, the spending limits shall be the same as followed by the Baylor Oral Health Foundation, which will hold and manage the funds. The board of directors of the endowment shall be composed of six members: three former graduates and one member from each of the current resident classes. The board will determine any disbursement from the endowment as needs arise.

Endowment fund goal: $200,000

How you can help: Current residents and graduates of the orthodontic program, as well as any interested TAMHSC-BCD students, faculty or staff can simply contact Dr. Phillip Campbell at PMCampbell@bcd.tamhsc.edu or extension 8443, or Julie Bradshaw at jbradshaw@bcd.tamhsc.edu or extension 8172.

Source: Department of Orthodontics endowment summary