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Commencement 2012

Commencement 2012
 Media Resources/Steven Doll

3 simple secrets for a better life

First, begin with the end in mind. Second, live for the week and not just the weekend. And third, serve others over yourself.

Such paradoxes are the three secrets for a better life, both in and beyond the dental practice, Rep. Dan Branch of House District 108 told graduates during commencement exercises May 22 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas.

“Plan for diversions,” Branch said of the first paradox. “When stuff happens, don’t forget to focus first on the destination when you will be tempted to default to your daily planner or scheduler.”

Regarding a positive attitude for each day, Branch said, “Bring your unique personal energy to each weekday, and your weekends will be enriched as well. Live with intensity Monday through Friday and not just Friday night through Saturday,” he said.

Of serving others, Branch, who is chairman of the House Committee on Higher Education, urged graduates to always put patients first.

“The investment of your life in others as opposed to objects or things will come back to you a thousandfold,” Branch said to the class of 2012, which included 97 doctor of dental surgery graduates, 25 dental hygiene graduates, 35 graduates receiving specialty certificates and two receiving master’s degrees.

In the midst of uncertain economic times across the globe, Branch offered some perspective on the crucial role graduates will play in the future.

“The most valuable commodity is not gold,” Branch said. “It’s not oil … It’s not even your smartphone or itablet; it’s right here … There is no more important infrastructure than an educated workforce. As graduates, you represent a rising tide our country must have to compete economically and as a world leader.”

Awards and recognition

Several individuals were honored during the event, including Dental Teacher of the Year Dr. Charles Arcoria, associate professor in restorative sciences, and Dental Hygiene Teacher of the Year Keri Pearson, assistant clinical professor in dental hygiene.

More about Arcoria and Pearson

A number of students were recognized for their excellence in scholarship and service with several honors, including the Baylor Oral Health Foundation Centennial Award, which was awarded to Dr. Kenner Misner in the dental class and Haley Hays in the dental hygiene class.


Commencement 2012
Media Resources/Steven Doll