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Dr. Sarah Allen, resident in graduate prosthodontics

Dr. Sarah Allen
Media Resources/Steven Doll

Artwork in gallery: two charcoal pieces; one depicting Doc Holliday and the other depicting a hand grasping a dental instrument 

Inspiration: “I decided to do a dental theme. I found out that Doc Holliday was a dentist, and the other one was inspired by M.C. Escher.”

How her artwork serves as an outlet: “Everything I do in grad prosthodontics is basically now my outlet. If I have time, I like doing art. Most of my inspiration comes from still life, something that’s real that I can translate to the paper.”

What you may not know about Allen: makes creative use of leftover base plate wax.

“I have a menagerie of base plate animals. I have a lot of art at home. I sculpt; I do everything.”

View more of Allen's artwork, from origami and wax animals to charcoal and graphite sketches:

Animals – wax          

Dragon – origami              

Self portrait – charcoal     

Skull – charcoal        

Skull – graphite