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Dr. Ann McCann, professor and director of planning and assessment

Dr. Ann McCann
McCann (far left) during a mid-May trip to Paris, where she painted in the city and in
Giverny, France, home to famed artist Claude Monet's house and gardens.

Photo courtesy Dr. Ann McCann

Artwork in gallery: oil painting of azaleas at Turtle Creek in Dallas

Inspiration: “I often take painting classes where we stay outside all day Saturday with a group of people. When the azaleas are blooming we always try to hit Turtle Creek.”

How having her artwork displayed at the dental school serves as an outlet: “It was the first time I had ever put my art in a public place.”

What you may not know about McCann: She started painting 15 years ago after enrolling her daughter in an art class.

“I did it so she would get good instruction. I’d never had any art, and I thought, ‘Wow, that looks like fun.’”

Since then, she has worked with pastels, watercolors and oils. Her go-to instrument isn’t necessarily a paintbrush.

“I started doing knife work because one of the teachers encouraged us to try to do different things. People seem to react more to my knife paintings than they do to my brush paintings.

“It’s almost like sculpting; it feels like I can get more of what I want with a knife than with a brush. You need less materials, and it’s an easier cleanup. It has a lot of advantages.”