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Ms. Karen Newhouse, recruitment & admissions lead office associate

Karen Newhouse
Media Resources/Steven Doll

Artwork in gallery: an assemblage housed in a shadowbox depicting the values of faith, compassion, wisdom and peace

Inspiration: After traveling one summer, Miller suggested that Newhouse create the piece, which is made from scrapbook paper, paint, found objects, sand and a host of other materials. Its basis: several core values and ideas for a balanced life.

“I chose peace because that’s Dr. Miller’s trademark. I chose faith because I’m close to that. Because I’m a Christian, compassion and wisdom go along with faith. That’s how they’re all connected.

“Also, I have affection for little squares. That’s how the concept for the squares came about.”

How having her artwork displayed at the dental school serves as an outlet: “I hadn’t done any art for a while, so it brought me back. It really helped me. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

What you may not know about Newhouse: “When I moved, most of what I moved was crafts,” says Newhouse, who also sews, scrapbooks, creates cards and more. “I just do all kinds of stuff.

“My last year in high school I only needed a civics course to graduate, and the other six classes I took were in art. I got really immersed.”