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Dr. Sarah Allen

Dr. Sarah Allen, resident in graduate prosthodontics, with one of her charcoal pieces from the recruitment and admissions
waiting room gallery

Media Resources/Steven Doll

There’s more to the recruitment and admissions waiting room than chairs and white walls. Just ask the artists whose works accent the space.

In addition to clinics, lecture halls and offices spanning seven floors, the college boasts another feature decidedly artistic in nature: a gallery. It draws a captive audience approximately 300 strong and includes artwork done in varying media, from oils and acrylics to charcoals and assemblages.

The gallery is in an unassuming location that you might not find, that is, unless you were on the fifth floor and knew to look for it. Since 2008, when Dr. Barbara Miller started the art gallery in the recruitment and admissions waiting room with a landscape painting from the late Dr. James Bennett Hooker, a longtime faculty member, it has steadily expanded.

There is still room to grow.

Miller, associate professor and executive director of recruitment and admissions, says she wants to see the gallery spread throughout the office suite.

“This is a place where prospective students are going to feel anxious or overly excited about the interview, so we want pieces that will help them calm down and feel comfortable,” Miller says.

Plus, it sets the stage for what interviewees can expect from the dental school.

“We look for applicants who are well rounded and have lots of different interests,” she adds. “Maybe this reflects that we encourage creativity as a part of the culture here.”

It would be a good indicator, considering the gallery artists are exclusively dental students, residents, alumni, faculty and staff. Here’s their take on the pieces they created, their inspiration behind the artwork and how it has served as an outlet for them. 

Dr. Sar Dr. Stanton Cobb
Karen Newhouse
Dr. Ann McCann
Allen Dr. Stanton Cobb
Karen Newhouse
Dr. Ann McCann 


Want to contribute your artwork to the gallery?

Students, faculty, staff and alumni can simply contact Dr. Barbara Miller in the Office of Recruitment & Admissions at BMiller@bcd.tamhsc.edu or at ext. 8231.

A selection committee will then review the submitted artwork.