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Point of origin

Dental Hygiene

Can’t find the dental hygiene students in their typical spot on the third floor?
That’s because they’ve moved back to their original space on the building’s ground level.

BACK ON THE FIRST FLOOR: On June 4, dental hygiene students officially moved to what was, for the past several years, the
undergraduate periodontic clinic on the southwest corner of the first floor. In reality, the move was a journey to dental
hygiene’s roots, since it was a return to the same location where the program was housed for years after its founding in 1955.
Undergraduate periodontics has moved to the third floor clinic.

Going forward, the majority of dental hygiene patient care will occur in the first-floor location, with the exception of a third-floor
rotation with D4s.

Cherri Kading, assistant professor and dental hygiene clinic coordinator, says faculty and staff are positive about the move
and view it as a ‘new adventure.’

“Our priorities are the students as well as the patients, so we are doing our best to make the clinic run as efficiently and
effectively as possible,” says Kading.

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