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The face of service

Was a motocross racer in her glory days   |  Is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Dental Corps  |  Travels to Russia to judge student dental competitions   |  Still misses the stamp machine on the first floor | Enjoys searching out a mean plate of barbecue  |  Took up bungee jumping on his 50th birthday  |  Is always learning from her students | Thanks Baylor for keeping him around for three decades

The list goes on. Behind each employee at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry, there is a story. Maybe you've already gotten to know some of these staff and faculty members who have devoted 20 years or more to the dental school, but if not, read on. From likes and dislikes to favorite memories and obscure hobbies, you'll quickly find their stories are worth sharing.

Dr. Ibtisam Al-Hashimi Dr. Alton McWhorter Mike Beck Dr. Christine Beninger
Dr. Ali Bolouri Patricia Campbell Regina Courtney Dr. Susan Hummel
Dr. Lana Mash Dr. Sandra McCarthy Nancy Anthony
Alex Mendoza
Donna Myers Ashley Jennifer Rabal Mary Roberson Dr. Sterling Schow
Dr. Mohsen Taleghani Decker Thomas Connie Tillberg Dr. Gil Triplett
Photos by Steven Doll



Scores of other TAMHSC-BCD employees celebrated service anniversaries of their own this past year. Here's a closer look at the staff and faculty who have served the college for five, 10 and 15 years.


5 years

10 years

15 years

Dr. Hoda Abdellatif, public health sciences 

Elain Benton, public health sciences Imtiaz Ahmed, clinical affairs
Dr. Anneta Bitouni, public health sciences Dr. Kenneth A. Bolin, public health sciences Maggie Castillo, pediatric dentistry
Dr. Burt Bryan, restorative sciences Dr. Linda Cheng, general dentistry Mike Chambers, facilities
Gerelda Buggage, restorative sciences
Dr. Lisa Cheng, diagnostic sciences Dessie Freeney, environmental services
Richard Cardenas, public health sciences Dr. George Cramer, restorative sciences Pete Guerra, environmental services
Cindy Copeland, facilities services Dr. Stephen Crane, public health sciences Patti Haskins, media resources
Samantha Dominguez, orthodontics Dr. Michael Dobbins, restorative sciences Bobby Lopez, facilities
Dr. Rena D'Souza, biomedical sciences Eric Fox, dental hygiene Ted Maas, restorative sciences 
Dr. Jerry Feng, biomedical sciences Pamela French, environmental services Sam McDonald, security
Connie Figueroa, clinical affairs
Maria Garcia, oral and maxillofacial surgery Juanna Moore, finance
Dr. Diane Flint, diagnostic sciences Kristal Grubbs, environmental services Raymundo Moreno, environmental services
Nikki Hardwick, professonal services Janice Henry, public health sciences Dr. Lynne Opperman, biomedical sciences
Tony Keller, public health sciences Roy Keeton, environmental services Marge Palma, biomedical sciences
Ellen Miller, clinical affairs Dr. David Kerns, periodontics Jorge Pi, information technology
Dr. Gabriele Mues, biomedical sciences Dr. Harvey Kessler, diagnostic sciences Cathrine Poole, environmental services
Dr. Aparna Naidu, diagnostic sciences Dr. Phllip Kramer, biomedical sciences Susie Rhodes, security
Vickie Nigh, diagnostic sciences Debbie Lawrence, clinical affairs
Karen Smith, purchasing
Dr. Chunlin Qin, biomedical sciences Kela Lewis, research and graduate studies
Gwyn Sullivan, facilities services
Stan Richardson, orthodontics Jeff Lowry, information technology Eugene Sutphen, environmental services
Dr. Susan Roshan, general dentistry Dr. Michael McWatters, restorative sciences Beverly Taylor, environmental services
Claudia Rubalcado, printing services Dr. Jordan Schweitzer, endodontics Kenneth Thomas, environmental services
Dr. Bruno Ruest, biomedical sciences Dr. Patricia Skur, public health sciences Betty Walker, environmental services
Jeremy Taylor, purchasing Natasha Sneed, student development Vicky Washington, environmental services
Dr. Robert White, endodontics
Ida Vernon, restorative sciences Sidney Whitley, security

Lanelle Watkins, dean's office Rickie Williams, security
Larry Watson Jr., clinical affairs