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Nancy Anthony, Biomedical Sciences

Nancy Anthony

Nancy Anthony, lead office associate

Photo by Steven Doll


“I like the people here at Baylor College of Dentistry.”


Every day, Nancy Anthony sets out early to begin her drive west to the dental school. Anthony, who lives in Forney, Texas, travels along the Highway 80 and Interstate 635 corridors, known to fellow commuters as formidable metroplex interchanges. While her commute is only about a 20-mile haul, the drive can easily take three times as long as it should.

While such a journey could wear on anyone, you’d never know it when you enter the biomedical sciences department office nestled into the corner of the building’s fourth floor. Anthony’s desk is one of the first that comes into view, and she greets students, faculty, staff and visitors alike with her relaxed, soft-spoken voice and genuinely friendly demeanor.

“I like the people here at Baylor College of Dentistry,” says Anthony, lead office associate in biomedical sciences. “Working with the faculty, staff and especially the students is what I like most about my job.” It’s something she’s done every workday for the past two decades.

When Anthony’s not assisting department chair Dr. Rena D’Souza, and graduate studies director Dr. Kathy Svoboda, it’s likely to find her coordinating travel for students, faculty or staff — one of her many responsibilities.

When Anthony was asked to recount her best experiences at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry over the years, she’s had so many; it was hard to come up with one definitive statement.

“All the good times and memories in the department are some of my favorites,” says Anthony. “That includes all of the friends at BCD that I have made through 20 years and still stay in contact with today.”


“My church work in Forney, where I work at the Guest Services Center on Sundays, welcoming new people to the church, and my family activities.”

Family stats:

“I have the greatest family — three sons, two daughters-in-law and one 4-year-old granddaughter, Molly Jo — and I am thankful every day for them, including 45 years of marriage to Jim Anthony!”