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Jennifer Rabal, Periodontics

Jennifer Rabal

Jennifer Rabal, patient appointment associate

Photo by Steven Doll


“Talking with patients and co-workers is my favorite part of this job.”


Jennifer Rabal fondly recalls some of the more humorous moments during her 25 years at the dental school, among them a curious episode witnessed outside the window of former associate dean Dr. John Nelson’s office.

The window looked out over what used to be a Gaston Avenue halfway house, located next to the now- defunct Metro Diner. While the details of said incident will remain safe with Rabal and her co-workers, it’s fair to say they still get a good laugh about that and other dental school happenings over the years.

Rabal began her career at the college as a secretary for oral diagnosis. This eventually led to her current responsibilities as a patient appointment associate in periodontics, where her lighthearted outlook comes in handy on a daily basis. In addition to entering and maintaining stomatology research data, Rabal schedules patient appointments.

She can rattle off a laundry list of things that have gone away through her years at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry — two-week long winter breaks, the trusty first-floor stamp machine, the Metro Diner across the street, and of course, that long-remembered halfway house. But some things haven’t changed, including how much Rabal enjoys interacting with patients and fellow PAAs, tucked away in their corner on the college’s first floor.

“Talking with patients and co-workers is my favorite part of this job,” says Rabal.

What Rabal does when she’s not working:

“I work on my rental houses and enjoy watching TV, going to the movies, attending concerts, shopping at estate and garage sales, fishing, and gardening.”

Family stats:

“I have one sister with whom I am very close; we are best friends. I have two grown children, both married with kids. My son, a Texas A&M graduate, works as a finance manager at Rockwall Ford and my daughter, a Texas State University alumna, is a schoolteacher in Canton, Texas. I have four grandchildren.”