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Dr. Sandra McCarthy, Restorative Sciences

Dr. Sandra McCarthy

Dr. Sandra McCarthy, associate professor

Photo by Steven Doll


“It is always fun to show someone how to do something for the first time.”


Dr. Sandra McCarthy can still remember when she was hired at Baylor College of Dentistry. But it wasn’t her first job offer from the dental school. She had been working as a part-time clinical instructor in what is now the Department of Restorative Sciences for five years when the full-time assistant professor slot became available.

“When I applied I was running against a very experienced clinician, and I felt very young and inexperienced,” McCarthy recalls. “As luck would have it, I fit the needs of the department at that time. It was a very exciting moment for me to be hired. It was my first full-time job anywhere.”

That was in the late ’80s. Since then, it doesn’t seem McCarthy has had any trouble filling those eight-hour workdays. In her current responsibilities as an associate professor in restorative sciences, McCarthy co-directs pre-clinical removable prosthodontics, works in the clinic, and serves on committees such as Student Promotions and Admissions. She rounds out the work week with two half-days spent in private practice.

“I enjoy the variety of each day – being in the clinic and working with patients, fabricating models for students in the lab, and sitting at the computer organizing schedules or creating a PowerPoint presentation. The days are seldom boring,” McCarthy says.

When asked about what has changed the most in her 25 years at the college, McCarthy responds, “the department names. For example, I can never seem to remember that ‘maintenance’ is ‘Facilities Services.’ It makes looking up the department phone numbers a bit challenging sometimes.”

McCarthy has an additional reason besides enjoying her job responsibilities for staying at Baylor College of Dentistry since getting that full-time job offer.

“It is always fun to show someone how to do something for the first time,” she says. She also mentions an extra perk that isn’t guaranteed with just any job.

“It is a bonus that many of the people at Baylor are very nice and enjoyable to work with,” McCarthy adds.

What McCarthy does when she’s not at work:

“I enjoy flower gardening to some degree, small home improvement projects, swimming, reading and yoga. I was very involved in my children’s schools as they were growing up but enjoy spending more time relaxing now.”

Family stats:

“I have a fantastic family that is very supportive. My two daughters, Michelle and Kelsey, are currently in college, and so they are old enough to ‘chum around’ with. They have been my greatest pleasure for many years. My husband Michael is a very hard worker himself and has always been patient about my various activities throughout the years. He has never prevented me from doing anything I’ve wanted to do.”

Dr. Sandra McCarthy
McCarthy and her oldest daughter, Michelle Gerrity

Photo courtesy Dr. Sandra McCarthy