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Mike Beck, Facilities

Mike Beck

Mike Beck, electronics technician

Photo by Steven Doll


Friendships with fellow employees and students have kept Beck at the college for more than two decades.


As he celebrates 25 years at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry, Mike Beck admits not a whole lot has changed since his last service award five years ago. That is, on the work front.

Beck, the college’s electronics technician, says he still enjoys working for Dale Christensen, executive director of facilities and planning. Beck’s early BCD days in the mid-80s spent working with Dean Emeritus Dr. James S. Cole, who was then in charge of computer services, also remain high on his list of fond memories.

When asked about his hobbies, Beck — known just about as much for his good humor as for his technical skills — was more than happy to share. These days, his first love is motorcycle riding. If you’re here early enough, and the morning isn’t too cold, you may get the chance to hear him roar up on his custom-built Big Dog Mastiff chopper.

Beck’s other hobby, sky diving, has fallen by the wayside since his last service anniversary.

“I sky-dived for a couple years, then bought the motorcycle and moved on to something else,” he says.

His last jump day was about a year ago in Whitewright, Texas. Since then, he and his wife, Paula, who used to work in the library, have filled their free time cruising around Dallas or venturing out on weekend trips to Arkansas. Eureka Springs is a top choice, as is Bikers Blues & BBQ, where bikers converge on Fayetteville every fall.

Back at TAMHSC-BCD, Beck says holiday parties and contests are yearly highlights, since they give him a chance to meet with longtime friends. It’s those friendships with fellow employees and students that have kept Beck at the college for more than two decades.

What you may not know about Beck: 

“I went bungee jumping for my 50th birthday. That’s what got me into sky diving. I thought, ‘If I can do this, I can do sky diving.’ I turned 50, and I went nuts.”

Family stats:

“I have a wife, Paula; everyone knows her. She used to work here in the library. My daughter Kristen works for a local law firm, and Taryn works for Procter & Gamble Co.”