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Connie Tillberg, Research & Graduate Studies

Connie Tillberg

Connie Tillberg, histology coordinator

Photo by Steven Doll


“I love my job; I love research, finding out new things and learning new techniques.”


Since Connie Tillberg started as a research technician at the dental school in late summer 1981, she’s hardly — if ever — gotten bored.

When Tillberg, now histology coordinator, isn’t preparing tissue samples, she may be teaching, overseeing the billing for the histology core services and, at times, helping Regents Professor Dr. Larry Bellinger and Associate Professor Dr. Phillip Kramer with their research projects.

“I like the differences,” Tillberg says of her role in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. “I hardly ever do the exact same thing two days in a row.”

She has stayed at the dental school for the past 30 years partly for the love of her job and partly because of her colleagues who work with her on the fourth floor.

“I love my job; I love research, finding out new things and learning new techniques,” says Tillberg. “I couldn’t figure out where else I could go and play with all these toys and equipment.

“The main reason I’ve stayed is the people I work with and interact with every day. I look on them as my extended family, and family sticks together through thick and thin.”

All this makes for a stockpile of memories.

“I don’t have one favorite memory here, I have thousands,” says Tillberg. “I can’t choose just one. Out of all of them, I guess my favorite memories are the people I’ve worked with over the years.”

Biggest change at the dental school:

“I guess I would have to say the poor building. Sometimes I think they should put the walls on wheels so maintenance can keep up.”

Family stats:

“I have a husband and two children — both in college, yeah! — whom I love dearly.”