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Decker Thomas, Facilities

Decker Thomas

Decker Thomas, facilities services technician

Photo by Steven Doll


“I have been here 30-plus years. I have to say I feel secure.”


If you’ve ever run into facilities services technician Decker Thomas in the college’s hallways, chances are you’ve been met with his broad smile, perhaps even his trademark humor. In either case, his demeanor is bound to brighten people’s days, as evidenced by their expressions at the mere mention of his name.

Thomas’ personality shines in his responses to questions about his 30 years at the dental school. When asked why he has chosen to stay at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry, he jokes, “I didn’t know I had to leave.”

His response when asked about his favorite memory at TAMHSC-BCD takes on a similar tone. “Getting hired,” says Thomas.

Thomas’ current responsibilities involve facilities access systems — think locks, keys, door hardware — and working with building signage, driver pickups and deliveries, as well as event setups.

He has a lot to say about what he has noticed as the biggest change since starting at TAMHSC-BCD in summer 1981: the transition from IBM typewriters, once reserved only for offices, to computer use, college wide.

“When computers came, it hit like an explosion,” Thomas recalls. “Now you find them everywhere you look — offices, labs, clinics, hallways.

“Not only do all employees, no matter the job, have to use them, so do people applying for a job. It makes you wonder, How did we ever do without them?

Thomas takes on a serious attitude as he shares what he likes most about his job.

“I have been here 30-plus years,” he says. “I have to say I feel secure. In this economy, that’s a blessing. I would like to thank Baylor for having me around for so long.”


“Reading and barbecuing.”

About Thomas’ family:

“I think my family is simply the best.”