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2012 Hinman Student Research Symposium

Hinman Symopsium

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: D3s Nima Deljavan, Charlene Garcia, Jordan Luna, David McMullan and Cara Kessler;
Dr. Robert Spears, associate professor in biomedical sciences; and D3s Ben Curtis, Anne Lindley and Meredith Davis.

Photos courtesy Hinman Symposium Organizing Committee

Between the keynote speaker and student and faculty awards, TAMBCD makes a strong showing.

Students from 45 dental schools across the U.S. and Canada participated in the 2012 Hinman Student Research Symposium, which was Oct. 26-28 at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tenn. Although Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry was just one of many institutions attending, its presence was evident.

For starters, Dr. Rena D’Souza, professor in biomedical sciences and president of the American Association for Dental Research, was the keynote speaker at the Welcoming Banquet, where she addressed the need for translational research in dentistry.

D3 Cara Kessler was recognized for her clinical research, which examines the role of Interleukin-17 in temporomandibular joint inflammation. Kessler was one of only eight award recipients out of 101 participating dental students.

And then there was Dr. Robert Spears, associate professor in biomedical sciences, who was recognized with an award for his long-standing participation in the symposium, now in its 18th year.

He jokes about the irony of the awards presentation: “I had no idea beforehand that this was going to happen,” Spears says. “They were giving me this presentation at the dinner, and I wasn’t there. I have never missed a dinner in 15 years of doing this, but this time I was flying back from the ADEA meeting in Denver.”

Despite the minor scheduling snafu, the week turned out well for TAMBCD students and faculty attending the symposium, which features oral and poster presentations. The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry is the sponsor for the event, and the Hinman Dental Society is a co-sponsor.


Hinman Symopsium
Kessler and Hinman Dental Society President Dr. James Roos