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Brushing up on EBD skills

ADA/Forsyth Institute

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Linda Cheng, assistant professor in general dentistry; Dr. Partha Mukherji ’01; Dr. Susan Roshan,
associate professor in general dentistry; Dr. Celeste Abraham, associate professor in periodontics; and Dr. Beverly York,
associate professor in restorative sciences.

Photo courtesy Dr. Celeste Abraham

An alumnus and faculty members from several departments attended the American Dental Association/Forsyth Course on Evidence-Based Dentistry in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 5- 9. The Forsyth Institute and the ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry offer the course, which covers topics ranging from how to integrate evidence into teaching and clinical practice to rapid critical reading and appraisal skills, and more.


College’s evidence-based dentistry initiative attracts attention of visiting scholar

Evidence-Based Dentistry Meeting
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Emet Schneiderman, associate professor in biomedical sciences; Dr. Robert Hinton, Regents Professor in biomedical sciences; Dr. Naoki Kakudate, director of Japan’s Dental Practice-Based Research Network; and Dr. Susan Roshan, associate professor in general dentistry.


Photo courtesy Dr. Susan Roshan

On Jan. 4, Dr. Naoki Kakudate, director of Japan’s Dental Practice-Based Research Network, visited with Drs. Robert Hinton and Emet Schneiderman of biomedical sciences and Dr. Susan Roshan of general dentistry to discuss how Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry has integrated evidence-based dentistry into the curriculum.

Kakudate has ties to the Graduate School of Medicine and Public Health at Kyoto University. He is a Stanford University School of Medicine visiting associate professor, Roshan says, and first became familiar with TAMBCD’s work in evidence-based dentistry during the American Dental Association/Forsyth Institute course in November 2012.



Norma Grant

Norma Grant

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Norma Grant

The college community is saddened to announce the Nov. 29 passing of Norma Grant, a retired staff member at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry.

Grant, who was clinic coordinator in the pediatric dentistry department, retired in 2004 but returned as a working retiree for eight years. She began her career at TAMBCD in 1989 and didn’t officially leave until April 2012.

Around the department, Grant was known for her knowledge, helpfulness, dependable nature and strong work ethic. Accordingly, in spring 2006, she was honored with the Staff Employee of the Year Award.

Grant’s hometown is Port Arthur, Texas. She and her husband, high school sweethearts, were married for more than 45 years and had a daughter, three sons, a dozen grandchildren and several step great-grandchildren.

Funeral services for Grant were Dec. 6 at the East Dallas Christian Church Chapel. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to pediatric dentistry’s Musick Fund. Please make checks payable to Baylor College of Dentistry and submit to the Office of Financial Services, located on the fifth floor.


Sylvia Clemmons

Sympathies are offered to Mike Chambers, facilities maintenance technician in facilities services, whose mother, Sylvia Clemmons, passed away Dec. 14.

Funeral services were Dec. 17 in the González Funeral Home Chapel in Mesquite, Texas, with interment immediately following at Roselawn Cemetery and Funeral Home in Seagoville, Texas.


Martha Farmer

Condolences are extended to the family of Rick Farmer, procurement specialist in the purchasing department, whose grandmother, Martha Farmer, passed away Dec. 16.

Funeral services were Dec. 19 at Newnam Funeral Home in Beattyville, Ky. 


John Heath

The college offers condolences to Pat Heady, patient appointment associate in endodontics, whose father, John Heath, passed away Nov. 18.

Funeral services were Nov. 21 at the Brown Owens & Brumley Funeral Home in Fort Worth, Texas.


Geraldine Lamar

Condolences to Gerelda Buggage, clinic coordinator in restorative sciences, whose grandmother, Geraldine Lamar, passed away Jan. 7.

Funeral services were Jan. 14 at the Boyd Family Funeral Home in New Orleans.


Susan Kay Leinneweber

Sympathies are extended to Dr. Hershall Leinneweber ’71, retired assistant professor in general dentistry, whose wife, Susan Kay Leinneweber, passed away Nov. 17.

Funeral services were Nov. 21 at Rockpointe Church in Flower Mound, Texas.


Wilda Fern McCann

The college offers sympathy to Dr. Ann McCann, professor and director of planning and assessment. McCann’s mother, Wilda Fern McCann, who is also mother-in-law to Dr. Emet Schneiderman, associate professor in biomedical sciences, passed away Dec. 3.


New faces

The college’s most recent hires


Jamila Brown




Jamila Brown                            

dental assistant II, restorative sciences

Bhavani Venkatachalam




Bhavani Venkatachalam        

assistant professor, restorative sciences


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