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A day in their scrubs

D2 Anthony Villareal

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Meet D2 Anthony Zeus Villarreal

Hometown: Weslaco, Texas — Rio Grande Valley (not Mexico)

Dental school survival strategy: “Take one day and one test at a time. Work for the week, and live for the weekends.”

Most productive time of day: “I’m easily the most productive between the hours of 5 and 7 every morning. I get quality studying done when my puppy is sound asleep. An added benefit is that it’s easiest to hide my sobs of sorrow from my neighbors when they’re all still sleeping.”

Best way to unwind after a long day in the clinic or lab: “Taking my dog, Malocclusion — yes, that’s his real name — on a very, very long walk while listening to music. He’s an ugly little guy, but he tries hard so that counts for something. Other than that, Saturdays help, as I usually take them for myself and watch college football all day long.”

Favorite energy food: “My homemade lasagna. I fancy myself a chef, and I love to cook for people. Most have survived.”

Goal after graduation: “Start a folk band that changes the world through tasty riffs and face-melting music. On a more serious note, I plan on enjoying my years of private practice waxing and setting teeth. That is what dentists do all day, right?”

What people may not know about you: “Despite what people say about me, I’m actually very handsome. In addition, I would just like to leave you with this thought from ‘Modern Family’ character Phil Dunphy: When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, ‘What?’”