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Lunch break takes a multicultural twist

2011 International Luncheon

D2 Sarah Berriche
and Muslim Student
Dental Association
adviser Dr. Hoda Abdellatif,
associate professor, and director
of predoctoral and clinical
programs in public health sciences,
serve food during the
Nov. 30 Multicultural Luncheon.

Photo by Steven Doll

Students serve up savory entrees from around the world, satisfying the palettes of foodies across the college — all to the tune of just $5

Nearly 150 hungry diners from every floor of the dental school trekked to the sixth floor foyer in droves for the Nov. 30 Multicultural Luncheon. Members of the Muslim Student Dental Association, Hispanic Student Dental Association, Asian-American Dental Society and Student National Dental Association provided the food for the event, which was created with the spirit of diversity in mind.

To add to the festive atmosphere, many student organization members and faculty advisers donned native attire and folkloric costumes as they dished up the international cuisine.

2011 Multicultural Luncheon 2011 Multicultural Luncheon
D2 Ari Valverde, co-president of the Hispanic Student
Dental Association, dishes food for Dr. Harvey Kessler,
professor and director of pathology in diagnostic sciences.

Photo by Steven Doll
From left to right: Student National Dental Association D2s
Lina Okorafor; Chianti Woodfork; Nigel Kasali; and Lesley

Photo by Carolyn Cox