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Continuing the giving tradition

2011 Annual Fund

TAMHSC-Baylor College of Dentistry recognizes 2010 Annual Fund donors, prepares for 2011-2012 fund drive kick off

Thank you to everyone who gave to the 2010-2011 Baylor College of Dentistry Annual Fund! The 2011-2012 Annual Fund drive officially will start in January, which makes now the perfect time to feel good about your previous gift and to make a year-end gift by giving to the 2011-2012 fund drive early!

See the generous 2010-2011 Annual Fund donors below.



Annual Fund donors since 2010

Dr. Roger E.  Alexander

Ms. Carolyn Cox Dr. Jennifer Hathaway ’92
Dr. Zoel G. Allen, II ’95 Dr. Mark A. Craig ’90 Dr. David C. Haydon ’70
Dr. Dean N. Armstrong ’78 Ms. Lana Crawford ’68 Dr. C. Robert Henry ’72
Dr. Jeffrey P. Atkinson ’94

Dr. Carly C. Cunningham ’04
Cunningham Orthodontics P.C.

Dr. Larry D. Herwig ’84
Mrs. Mary E. Ausmus-Laursen ’68 Dr. Bradley B. Daniels ’80 Ms. Margaret K. Hicks ’67
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Austin
Dr. Krista S. Darr ’84 Dr. Frank L. Higginbottom ’71
Dr. David Beal ’78 Dr. Kristi L. Davis ’96 Dr. Brian L. Hochstein ’92
Mr. Charles E. Bennett Dr. Paul G. Davis Jr. ’83 Mr. Christopher M. Huckabee
Dr. Larry Bellinger Dr. Paul C. Dechow Ms. Phyllis Huckabee
Dr. Sheila Birth ’84 Ms. Lori L. Dees Mr. Tommie and
Mrs. Sylvia Huckabee
Dr. James C. Boley ’63 Dr. Elsa B. Dembinski and
Dr. Thomas H. Dembinski II ’74
Dr. Dean A. Hudson
Dr. Ali Bolouri Dr. Michael L. Dobbins ’68 Dr. Gene C. Huff ’60
Dr. Lars O. Bouma ’94 Dr. Demetra Jones Dorsey ’98 Dr. Bob C. Hunsucker ’89
Dr. Richard W. Boyd Jr. ’76 Dr. John Dow III ’81 Dr. Howard D. Iba ’70

Dr. Richard E. Bradley via
The Bradley Family Trust

Dr. Gregory G. Farthing Dr. J. Edward Irving ’81
Dr. Rex E. Brewster ’60 Dr. Michael P. Fauks ’74 Mrs. Kathryn A. Ivie
Dr. George I. Bridges ’68 Ms. Betty N. Ferraro ‘68 Ms. Susan Mitchell Jackson
Ms. LaDawn Brock Dr. William J. Garard Jr. ’77 Dr. Cory B. Jaetzold ’06
Dr. Burt C. Bryan ’79 Dr. Thomas “Hank” Garrett ’75 Dr. James D. Jensen Jr.
Dr. Neil A. Bryson ’75 Dr. William C. Gaylord ’64 Dr. Harvey P. Kessler
Dr. Welleyn L.  Bullis ’67 Dr. Mary B. Ginderske ’67 Dr. Thomas B.  King ’51
Dr. James E. Burkholder ’81 Dr. James B. Goates ’76 Dr. Kelly A. Kirtland ’98
Dr. James V. Burnett ’48 Dr. Kimberly Gronberg ’02 Mrs. Janet Kling
Dr. Michael Butcher ’80 Dr. Nicholas T. Hallick ’57 Mrs. Sarah Kong ’05
Dr. Siv “Sue” Chhay ’98 Dr. Robert S. Hamilton ’78 Dr. Ramsey Koschak '79
Dr. Robert J. Christian ’69 Dr. Kenneth M. Hamlett ’74 Ms. Sandi Kramer ’69
Dr. Debora Clark ’83
and Dr. Gerald L. Clark ’83
Mr. Mack W. Hampton Dr. Laura Spencer LaCroix ’99
Dr. Jon Clemetson ’02 Ms. Frankie L. Hansen ’70 Dr. Thad Langford ’74
Dr. Gary C. Coleman Dr. Donald W. Haskins ’62 Dr. Robert E. “Buddy” Lee III ’69
Dr. Leon A. Conkling ’72 Dr. Lisa Lin ’95 Dr. Mike Cook ’83
Dr. Julie Longoria ’08




Annual Fund donors since 2010, continued



Dr. Eduardo R. Lorenzana ’96 Dr. Daniel C. Peavy Jr. ’62 Dr. Johnny C. Smith ’81
Dr. Yongbo Lu Dr. Gary W. Penn ’78 Dr. Julie H. Stelly ’87
Dr. Joy Kathleen Lunan ’80 Dr. Robert C. Penny ’74 Dr. Cory Stephens ’01
Dr. Ed Lutz ’77 Dr. Richard M. Peppard ’83 Dr. Marvin G. Stephens Jr. ’71
Dr. Thomas M. Matthews ’50 Dr. Thanh-Hang Phan ’05 Dr. Paul Talcott ’94
Dr. John P. McCasland ’57 Dr. David W. Price ’81 Dr. Mohsen Taleghani
Dr. Byron M. McKnight ’81 Dr. Judith A. Ragsdale Dr. Charles M. Taylor III ’81
Dr. Danette C. McNew ’88 Dr. Hedley Rakusin Dr. Willard L. Tompson ’63
Dr. Paul Menton ’66 Ms. Sharada Ramasubramanian Dr. Tuan A. Tran ’98
Dr. Jill F. Michaels ’88 Dr. Thomas “T.J.” Randers and
Ms. Cassie L. Randers ’03
Dr. Joy L. Trigo ’91
Dr. Amp W. Miller III ’73 Dr. Murray R. Ray ’68 Dr. Gilbert Triplett
Dr. Barbara A. Miller ’83 Mrs. Janet M. Reinwald Dr. Gilbert Trujillo ’99
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Miller ’61 Dr. Everett Renger ’70 Dr. Christopher L. Tye ’88
Dr. Vernon T. Miller Jr. ’85 Mrs. Kay F. Rickets ’58 Dr. Patricia Buksa Valdivia ’87
Dr. Mario Miranda ’90 Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Roberts ’74 Dr. Folger B. Vallette ’81
Dr. Regina C. Miranda ’92 Dr. Dale C. Rogers ’87 Mr. Eddie Victorino
Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes ’97 Dr. John B. Ross ’79 Dr. Calvin N. Vo ’03
Dr. Frank H. Moore ’69 Mrs. Debbie Ruff Ms. Pamela Wade ’68
Dr. James S. Moore ’69 Mr. Steve Ruff Dr. Robert V. Walker ’47
Ms. Juanna Moore Mrs. Jeanne Rumley ’62 and
Dr. John L. Rumley ’65
Dr. Mark N. Waters ’81
Dr. Loulou Moore ’93 Dr. Brian C. Salome ’03 Dr. Harold S. Westerholm II ’84
Dr. Anna Brasher Moreau ’04 Dr. Ericka A. Sample ’98 Dr. John C. White ’84
Dr. Davis W. Morgan ’89 Dr. C. Edward Sauer ’87 Dr. Robert Kyne and Cathy Ann White
Dr. Gabriele Mues Dr. Emet D. Schneiderman Dr. Bettye Whiteaker-Hurt ’68
Dr. Soan V. Ngo ’95 Dr. Bob and Mrs. Judy Schow Dr. David Wilbanks ’73
Dr. Phuong N. Nguyen ’01 Dr. Allen P. Schuster ’72 Dr. Andrew A. Williams ’86 and
Dr. Jeannie L. Williams ’86
Dr. Linda C. Niessen Dr. Carina Schwartz-Dabney ’93 Dr. H. Graham Wilson Jr. ’66
Dr. Lynne A. Opperman Mrs. Betty J. Scott Dr. Ronald L. Winder ’73
Dr. Charles F. Orth ’86 Mrs. Judith A. Scott ’66 Dr. Don A. Woodworth
Dr. LaVan R. Parker ’94 Dr. Jill H. Sentlingar ’04 Dr. John M. Wright
Ms. Gail Parrigin-Clark Dr. Ronald T. Sherwood ’79 Dr. John F. Zummo Jr. ’80

The BCD Annual Fund — which enhances existing programs and initiatives — adds the monetary support necessary to keep the college’s tradition of excellence alive and growing each year. The dental school receives state and federal funds, tuition, and clinic revenues, but support through programs like the Annual Fund helps make our college a premier institution of dental education.

Giving is easy and can be done in one of the following three ways:

  1. Online — Go to www.bcd.tamhsc.edu/giving.html;
  2. Donation card — Simply bring your donation card to the Office of Communications & Institutional Advancement, Room 522, or mail it to 3302 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75246; or
  3. Payroll deduction (employees only) — Complete your Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and drop it off in Room 522. Payroll deduction will start in January 2012.
If you want your donation to count toward the 2011 tax year, in-person donations must be received in the Office of Communications & Institutional Advancement by Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011, otherwise your donation should be postmarked or submitted online by Dec. 31. If you have questions or need assistance making a donation, contact Susan Mitchell Jackson or Lori Dees at 214-828-8471.
Please note: The above lists reflect individuals who have given to the Annual Fund since 2010. If you contributed to the fund since 2010 and your name is not listed, please contact jfuentes@bcd.tamhsc.edu.