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Janis' story

Hasn't used tobacco since: March 2011


“It was a decision I knew I had to make.”
— Janis



By the time Janis decided to enlist the support of the college’s tobacco cessation program, smoking had become ingrained in her everyday routine. First thing in the morning, it was coffee and cigarettes; then there were car rides.

“Whenever I would get in a car I would light up a cigarette,” Janis says.

Janis decided to try Chantix, which eased her withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Even so, she still had a desire to smoke.

“It was really hard for me to learn how to sit still and not do anything,” Janis says. “It was a slow process. I had to learn a whole new way of living.

“I tried little things. I tried little hand games; I tried crochet. It was a mindset I had to change.”

And change she did. Janis, who in 30 years had worked up to a pack of cigarettes a day and had never attempted to quit, made the decision to stop smoking in March 2011. While at the college for dental services, her student dentist mentioned the college’s clinic to her. She then contacted Benton and started the program.

“If I just had any questions or any issues, or if I was feeling a little weak, I’d call Elain and talk to her. She was always very helpful, very supportive,” Janis says.

She also drew from her own resolve.

“It was a decision I knew I had to make,” Janis says matter-of-factly. 


*Last name withheld to protect patient privacy