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Service bound: return to Bolivia

Dr. Jonathan Oudin, '11 was able to capture this photo of a Bolivian woman, along with hundreds of other images, during this year's trip to the remote village of Quesimpuco, Bolivia, nestled in the Andes Mountains. This particular village elder weaves for a living.

Photo by Jonathan Oudin

A woman in Quesimpuco, Bolivia

Glimpses into the 2011 mission experience

This June, two dozen people from Texas A&M Health Science Center campuses across the state once again made the trek to the remote village of Quesimpuco, Bolivia, tucked deep in the Andes Mountains. There, approximately 400 indigenous Quechua Indians received long-awaited medical and dental care, as it had been a year since TAMHSC’s last mission.

Along the way, 2011 TAMHSC-BCD graduate Dr. Jonathan Oudin was able to capture some of the trip’s most striking moments. While most of us were not part of the select few to make the 20-hour trip to Quesimpuco, we get to share in their return journey to Bolivia through this remarkable collection of photos.

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