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Community Connection - July/August 2011

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Dental care in Dallas and beyond

August has proven to be a whirlwind month for public health sciences and TAMHSC-BCD volunteers. The department provided free screenings and fluoride varnishes at three metroplex back-to-school fairs.

Observing customs, providing care

Trekking around Dallas on Seal Mobile visits means going where there is a need. Dr. Stephen Crane shares the details of one such visit in late June.

Long-awaited celebration

The Southeast Dental Center's June 2 opening means thousands of Pleasant Grove, Texas, children will have access to low-cost dental care.

The tooth fairy next door

Two TAMHSC-BCD alumni join forces with volunteers to give thousands of Richardson, Texas, school children oral health supplies during the summer months.

Stenos and Sharpies

A month before the start of school, these students in the Summer Predental Enrichment Program and Future Dentists Club spent an entire afternoon filling backpacks with school supplies. Read on to find out what motivates them.

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