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Student presentations, posters in full force at 2011 research day

This year’s Research and Scholars Day was once again a success, as D2, D3, graduate and dental hygiene students turned out to showcase their research. While vendors set up in the basement for the April 6 event, students filled the sixth floor with a mixture of posters, table clinics and oral presentations.

Just like last year, D2 students were responsible for Critically Appraised Topic presentations, and building on last year’s success, students also presented DDS oral clinical case presentations. Dental student exhibitors were on hand to discuss their posters, and dental hygiene and a number of graduate students hosted table clinics.

This year, Drs. Celeste Abraham, Bob Hinton and Ann McCann served as judges for the event.

Research and Scholars Day 2011 Research and Scholars Day 2011 Research and Scholars Day 2011

The 2011 research day included
dental hygiene, D2, D3 and graduate

Dental hygiene students presented
table clinics throughout the day,
such as this one entitled "Lick Decay

All five winners of the DDS poster
presentations were D2 students.

The following list offers a closer look at 2011’s Research and Scholars Day standout projects and students.

Dental hygiene
• First place – Linh Tran, DH2 and Ann Loan Tran, DH2 (Lisa Mallonee, mentor)
• Second place – Leah Spittle, DH2 and Lisa Swinney, DH2 (Cherri Kading, mentor)
• Honorable mention – Kelli Huber, DH2 and Lindsey McShea, DH2 (Kathleen Muzzin, mentor)

DDS poster presentations
• First place – Ryan Darr, D2 (Dr. Robert Spears, mentor)
• Second place – Matt Burks, D2 (Dr. Peter Buschang, mentor)
• Third place – Ida Khobahy, D2 (Dr. Robert Spears, mentor)
• Fourth place – Greg Knutsen, D2 (Dr. Bruno Ruest, mentor)
• Honorable mention – Ryne Wilson, D2 (Dr. Paul Dechow, mentor)

DDS oral presentations
• First place – Preston Greer, D2 (Dr. Mari Koike, mentor)
• Second place – David Nguyen, D2 (Dr. Jerry Feng, mentor)

Graduate oral presentations
• First place – Afsaneh Rangiani (Dr. Jerry Feng, mentor)
• Second place – Ashneet (Dr. Kathy Svoboda, mentor)
• Second  place – Anika Voisey (Dr. Jerry Feng, mentor)