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Jeanne Santa Cruz - 20 Years

Jeanne Santa Cruz
Biomedical Sciences

Jeanne Santa Cruz receives award from president
Santa Cruz with Dr. Nancy Dickey at the 2011 Service

Remember when there were no computers and everything had to be done on a typewriter? Eventually the departments gained access to two computers, which were kept on big, mobile carts that could be rolled to any office as needed. Or how about when the students wore short white coats instead of scrubs?

Jeanne Santa Cruz remembers these things. She joined Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry 20 years ago as an executive secretary. Today, she is an education specialist in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

“The architecture inside the building has changed a lot throughout the years,” says Santa Cruz. “The increased amount of paperwork and regulations since we became a state agency is definitely different from the ‘good old days.’” One favorite aspect of her employment: “I’ve known a lot of really nice people while I’ve worked here,” she says.

Santa Cruz writes or adapts a lot of the written materials needed for departmental operations, such as correspondence, reports and website materials. She has made good use of her writing abilities by editing research grants and manuscripts, maintaining the biomedical sciences website and serving as staff administrator for the National Institutes of Health T32 training grant.

“I like the work I do and the variety of people and nationalities within the department and college,” Santa Cruz says. “I like being in the research environment and although I know very little about science, I find what I do understand to be interesting.”

Santa Cruz joined the college because of the stable employment and benefits TAMHSC-BCD provided. She was selective because she didn’t want her employment to have a negative impact on her children.

“I stayed because in addition to that stable employment, I like working in an academic environment,” she says. “I don’t think I’d like working in the corporate world.”

Santa Cruz also is proud of her role in initiating staff development activities at TAMHSC-BCD. One of her favorite memories is when college employees enjoyed two weeks of winter break instead of just one.

“That was great!” she says.

Santa Cruz fills her leisure time with reading, watching movies and TV sports, cooking, exercising at the gym and singing in her church choir. She is the proud mother of two grown children. Her son, Paul, lives in Dallas and works as an archivist for the Bush Library. Her daughter, Jane, works in San Antonio for a federal volunteer service program called City Year.

“I love my kids so much; they’re great people,” Santa Cruz says. “It’s amazing to see children grow up and go through the different stages until they reach adulthood.”

Santa Cruz family
Santa Cruz (top right) with family.