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Dr. Bob Hutchins - 25 Years

Dr. Bob Hutchins
Biomedical Sciences

The Hutchins
Hutchins with his wife, Vickie.

He was part of “the enemy” when he started his career 25 years ago as an assistant professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry; at least, that’s the impression Dr. Bob Hutchins got from the students when he first arrived. He’s thankful that is no longer the case.

“Society has changed and so have our students,” Hutchins says. “The way the faculty and students treat each other now seems so much more friendly and collegial.”

That improved relationship with students is one of the things Hutchins enjoys most about his role as a professor in biomedical sciences. He loves working with the students and seeing them grow academically and as individuals.

There’s only been one hiccup in his tenure: the ever-confusing problem of trying to figure out who he is. “Am I Bob Hinton or Bob Hutchins?” he jokes. “Unfortunately, when it comes to a paycheck, the business office has figured it out.”

With mom and sister

Prepping for a ride with his mom, Betty and sister, Nan.

Confusion aside, Hutchins loves teaching and working with his colleagues. He also is involved with research.

The last few years have brought fun challenges his way through involvement on several national committees and networking with other dental educators outside TAMHSC-BCD, all of which culminated in Dr. Hutchins being named the 2011 ADEA/Colgate-Palmolive Excellence in Teaching Award recipient.

Outside work, it’s Hutchins’ ever-expanding extended family that keeps him on his toes. Notably, that includes seven grandchildren who like to call him Bimpie.

When he’s not at the college or with his grandchildren, Hutchins loves creating things, including remodeling his house. Everything is fair game, from the electrical fixtures and plumbing to a room’s architectural design.

“These are the things I love to do when I’m not on my motorcycle enjoying the country roads,” he says.

Hutchins collage
From left to right: Canals of Venice; Fiji; and Hutchins' BMW 1200 RT.