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Callis honored for outstanding publication

Dr. CallisDr. Amber Callis was notified in March that she has been selected to receive the Olav Alvares Award for Outstanding Articles Published in the Journal of Dental Education.

Callis recently earned the master’s degree in health professions education and certificate in pediatric dentistry from Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry. The article, “Application of Basic Science to Clinical Problems: Traditional vs. Hybrid Problem-Based Learning,” was based on her master’s thesis research.

“Amber is a good thinker and excellent writer,” says Ann McCann, associate professor and director of planning and assessment, who chaired her thesis committee. “She was very easy to mentor.”

Other article coauthors included Dr. Emet Schneiderman, associate professor of biomedical sciences; Dr. William Babler, acting chair of the oral biology department at Indiana University School of Dentistry; Dr. Ernie Lacy, associate professor and director of student development; and Dr. David Hale, assistant professor of pediatric dentistry.

Callis is now in practice in the Houston area and teaches part-time at the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston.

The awards are presented annually to encourage junior faculty, allied and predoctoral students, residents and fellows to conduct publishable research and to recognize those who publish outstanding work.