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Multicultural Luncheon offers food and fun

Multicultural LuncheonLaughter filled the air as hungry diners made their way around the sixth floor lobby during the Multicultural Luncheon Nov. 17. The event was sponsored by several student organizations at TAMHSC-Baylor College of Dentistry: Muslim Student Dental Association, Asian-American Dental Society, Hispanic Student Dental Association and Student National Dental Association. 

Multicultural LuncheonFood selections included American, Chinese, Hispanic, Indian, Jamaican, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese dishes. A mere $5 gave participants three choices from the food selections along with a drink and dessert.

“The variety of food was outstanding, and attendance was excellent,” said Brigitte Sims, administrative assistant in communications & institutional advancement. “I thought the native attire that hosts wore was very nice. Everyone commented how much they enjoyed the luncheon. I look forward to the next one.”