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Emeritus faculty recognized

Emeritus Faculty PlaqueFifty-three emeritus faculty members are recognized on a new commemorative plaque installed Dec. 14 in the sixth floor lobby on the wall near the atrium elevators. Designed to be perpetual, the plaque has plenty of room to add future honorees.

Emeritus status is selectively granted to retired faculty for outstanding service after comprehensive consideration of the individual’s career involvement in the institutional context. Since 1998, emeritus designation is granted only after a lengthy process culminating in approval by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents.

“TAMHSC-BCD has benefited from the expertise and knowledge of an outstanding faculty,” says Dr. James S. Cole ’75, dean of the college. “Emeritus faculty recipients are the best of the best, and we are pleased to recognize their service and contributions to the college so that others may continue to be inspired by them.”

The plaque lists honorees by name and department, including:

  • Charles F. Bouschor, Operative Dentistry
  • C. Kenneth Collings, Periodontics
  • Kenneth V. Randolph, President and Dean
  • Roy E. Daniel, Removable Prosthodontics
  • Patrick J. Ferrillo, Endodontics
  • Nicholas H. Lund, Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Ruth Riley Swords, Dental Hygiene
  • Clarence Y. Murff, Operative Dentistry
  • Leon E. Lewis, Oral Diagnosis
  • Jack G. Bishop, Graduate Studies Physiology
  • William D. Love, Community and Preventive Health
  • Paul P. Taylor, Pediatric Dentistry
  • William Paul Burch, Clinical Affairs
  • Joseph P. Lambert, Removable Prosthodontics
  • Thomas E. Winford, Microbiology
  • William C. Hurt, Periodontics
  • J. Bennet Hooker, Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Max D. Largent, Academic Affairs
  • Daniel E. Waite, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Richard E. Bradley, President and Dean
  • Carl E. Belk, Endodontics
  • William H. Filler, Removable Prosthodontics
  • Paul W. Goaz, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
  • Paul R. Fultz, Community Health
  • John L. Hodges, Finance
  • D. Lamar Byrd, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Martin J. Wagner, Biochemistry
  • Paul Anderson, Development, Alumni and Public Relations
  • Robert S. Staffanou, Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Laurette F. Lipson, Academic Planning & Development
  • James E. Makins, Continuing Education
  • Roy L. Dorris, Pharmacology
  • Clay A. Henry, Microbiology
  • Thayer C. Lyon, Community and Preventive Health
  • Warren A. Parker, Preventive Dentistry
  • John F. Nelson, Clinical Affairs
  • Jesse T. Bullard, Operative Dentistry
  • Russell E. Dill, Anatomy
  • Loy W. Frazier Jr., Physiology
  • Robert E. Gaylord, Orthodontics
  • James O. Henry Jr., Student Affairs
  • Bill R. Brown, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
  • Alan N. Taylor, Anatomy
  • Tommy W. Gage, Pharmacology
  • William H. Binnie, Diagnostic Sciences
  • James E. McIntosh, Biomedical Sciences
  • Samuel E. Taylor, Pharmacology
  • Patricia L. Blanton, Anatomy/Periodontics
  • Edward G. Miller Jr., Biomedical Sciences
  • MaryLou Gutmann, Dental Hygiene
  • James L. Gutmann, Endodontics
  • Roger E. Alexander, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • William W. Hallmon, Periodontics