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B-BEST seed grants awarded

Dr. Jerry Feng
Dr. Takashi Komabayashi
Dr. Jerry Feng Dr. Takashi Komabayashi
Dr. Phillip Kramer Dr. Paula Ortiz
Dr. Philip Kramer Dr. Paula Ortiz
Dr. Chunlin Qin Dr. Kathy Svoboda
Dr. Chunlin Qin Dr. Kathy Svoboda

Six Texas A&M Health Science Center-Baylor College of Dentistry faculty members were awarded seed grants funded by a National Institutes of Health P30 grant, Baylor’s Program for Bioengineering Sciences and Translational Research: B-BEST. The grant’s broad objective is to enhance the college’s capacity for translational research in order to develop innovative oral health care treatments.

To achieve its objective, B-BEST provides funding to hire faculty members with expertise in bioengineering.  They will collaborate with clinical and basic science faculty on projects fulfilling the program’s purpose. Dr. Xiaohua Liu, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, was hired in July 2010.  The seed grant award winners will collaborate with Liu on the following projects:

  • Dr. Jerry Feng, professor of biomedical sciences: “BMP receptor 1A (Bmp1a) null osteoblast cells accelerate bone/tooth repair”
  • Dr. Takashi Komabayashi, assistant professor of endodontics: “Innovative endodontic inter-canal medication for open apex permanent teeth using an intelligent release system of calcium hydroxide”
  • Dr. Phillip Kramer, associate professor of biomedical sciences: “Drug-loaded microspheres and TMJ pain treatment”
  • Dr. Paula Ortiz, assistant professor of periodontics: “The effect of local delivery of TNF-α on periodontal disease”
  • Dr. Chunlin Qin, associate professor of biomedical sciences: “DMP1 and biomimetic nano-structured scaffold in osteogenesis”
  • Dr. Kathy Svoboda, Regents professor and graduate program director in biomedical sciences: “Visualizing cell scaffold interactions in real time”

A total of seven proposals were submitted for this competition. The funding period for each grant is one year.

TAMHSC-BCD was one of only seven institutions in the nation to receive a P30 grant funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s award to the NIH/National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research. 

B-BEST, BCD’s two-year project, was awarded $1.4 million. Principal investigator is Dr. Rena D’Souza, professor and chair of biomedical sciences; co-investigators are Dr. Paul Dechow, professor of biomedical sciences, and Dr. Larry Bellinger, Regents professor and associate dean in biomedical sciences.