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Entering class snapshot

The Labor Day holiday of 2010 is but a memory. We know that it is now a fashion faux pas to wear white - at least that is what our mothers taught us. We also know that the 2010-2011 academic year is well under way. But what do we know about this year's entering dental and dental hygiene classes?

In simple numbers there were 1,491 applicants for the dental class and 162 applicants for the dental hygiene class. Of those applicants, 102 dental students and 31 dental hygiene students matriculated. Of the 102 dental students, 53 are male and 49 are female. All of the dental hygiene students are female. The average age of the dental students is 23.4. The dental hygiene students' average age is 23.3. Cumulative grade point averages are 3.56 for dental and 3.53 for dental hygiene. The percentage of minorities among the entering dental student class is 51 percent; for the dental hygiene class the percentage is 48 percent. Lastly, the total number of colleges attended by the first-year dental students is 43; 14 for the dental hygiene students. 

In the spirit of the official start of the 2010 National College Athletic Association football season, we are pleased to present the really important stats about this year's entering dental and dental hygiene classes.


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