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Kenner Misner awarded scholarship


scholarship awarding
      Dr. James Cole, Kenner Misner, Dr. Jon Williamson and
           Dr. Karla Bishop at the scholarship presentation
Third-year dental student Kenner Misner recently was surprised by a trip to the dean's office. 

Aug. 27 was just an ordinary class day for him when, out of the blue, class was interrupted with a message that his presence was requested in the dean's office. Ever the dutiful student, Misner went directly to the fifth floor and was greeted by Dr. James S. Cole, dean, and two strangers holding a rather large object.

The strangers, it turns out, were Dr. Jon Williamson '88, treasurer for the Oak Cliff Dental Study Club, and Dr. Karla Bishop making their annual pilgrimage to the school on behalf of the study club to present this year's Faulkner Scholarship.  The large object was a big check - the kind normally given at golf tournaments and the like - payable to Misner.

The scholarship is given each year to the dental student who leads his or her class at the conclusion of its second year. The Oak Cliff group intentionally highlights the mid-level students to provide recognition and incentive as they progress through the academic program.

Although surprised, Misner was thrilled with the scholarship. 

"I was very surprised and so thankful. I didn't know what to say at the time, although I certainly thought it was great. I really appreciate the generosity of the Oak Cliff Dental Study Club," he says.

The study club is the longest-running group of its type in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dr. M.E. Faulkner '50 was one of the club's founding members.

Misner hails from Tulsa, Okla., and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.