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Northcutt Citizen of the Year


Rotary Club logoThe Rotary Club of Longview, Texas, recently honored Dr. W.D. Northcutt III '57 with one of its highest honors: 2010 Longview Rotary Club Citizen of the Year. 

Rotary International's best known motto is "Service above Self."  According to Gene McWhorter, a fellow Longview Rotarian, Northcutt has been serving the city of Longview for many years.

"Nobody in this town has undertaken any important civic or charitable event for years without consulting with Dr. Northcutt first.  He's been a friend...and a leader for the entire community," says McWhorter.

Among his many notable contributions to the city of Longview, Northcutt has served on the City Council, the Gregg County Historical Commission and Historical Foundation, the Trinity School of Texas, and the Longview Rotary Club, which he served as president. 

Dr. Jacob Geller '56 remembers Northcutt fondly from the years they attended dental school together.   "....I thought he was one of the most gentlemanly people that I knew at Baylor," Geller says.

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