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BCD alum named to Basketball Hall of Fame

Interview with 1960 Olympic gold medalist
and BCD alumnus Dr. Jay Arnette

Presentation by: HSC-BCD Web Communications

Longer Interview Clip (5:03)

In this longer clip Dr. Arnette speaks about playing in the Olympics, the incomparable experience of receiving the gold medal, and of the once-in-a-lifetime honor of induction into the NBA hall of fame. For all you march madness basketball fans and sports trivia aficianados, Arnette also drops some pretty impressive names from the original olympian "dream team," speaking about his friendship with them, and also about his admiration of Dr. Campbell and his work with students at BCD.


Interview Clip (1:50)

In this clip, Dr. Arnette chats about his Olympics experience with his friend and former classmate at BCD Dr. Phil Campbell, chair of the college's department of Orthodontics.