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Department News - June 2010

Biomedical Sciences


During the Experimental Biology annual meeting held April 24-28 in Anaheim, Calif., faculty and students made the following presentations:  

Drs. Lynne Opperman and Kathy Svoboda chaired a symposium called "The spirit of creating fundable proposals: preparing SBIR/STTR, program, instrument, research, infrastructure and training grants."  Opperman spoke on "Translational research, technology transfer and small business grants - alternate funding resources."  Svoboda presented "Instrumentation grant savvy - what's the best fit for your institution?"

Dr. M. Douglas Benson was the organizer of a symposium titled "Rewiring the spinal cord: recovery after spinal cord injury."  His presentation during this symposium was "Ephrin contribution to myelin-based inhibition of axonal regeneration."

Dr. Bob Hutchins was a co-author of a presentation titled "How dental students are taught the anatomical sciences: survey results from North American basic science course directors."

Dr. Paul Dechow spoke on "Team building: growing your research career through institutional awards."

He also presented a talk on "Browridge morphology and hominid evolution: is there any evidence for a mechanical influence?" during a two-day biological anthropology symposium called "Something to chew on: the evolution of primate craniofacial form." 

Opperman chaired a session on "Regenerative medicine/wound healing" in which Symone San Miguel, postdoctoral fellow, spoke on "Antioxidants increased in vitro wound healing of nicotine-treated oral fibroblasts" and Veera Malavia, graduate student, presented "Nerve and vascular regeneration in bone transport osteogenesis."


At the April 14-17 annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists held in Albuquerque, N.M., Leslie Smith and Dechow presented a research poster titled "Trabecular structure in the craniofacial skeleton of select anthropoid primates."  Dechow also co-authored the poster "Representing the geometry of organisms: precision and accuracy in finite element modeling."


Dechow was on the organizing committee, made a presentation and facilitated sessions at the first workshop on Bone Tissue: Hierarchical Simulations for Clinical Applications held April 21-23 at the University of California-Los Angeles.


Foley, C.H., Kerns, D.G., Hallmon WW, Rivera-Hidalgo F, Nelson CJ, Spears R, Dechow PC, Opperman LA.  Effect of phosphate treatment of acid-etched implants on mineral apposition rates near implants in a dog model.  Int J of Oral & Max Implants 25(2):278-86, March-April 2010.

Dechow, P.C., Wang, Q., Peterson, J.  Edentulation alters materials properties of cortical bone in the human craniofacial skeleton: Functional implications for craniofacial structure in primate evolution.  Anat Record 293(4):618-29, April 2010.

Strait, D.S., Grosse, I.R., Dechow, P.C., Smith, A.L., Wang, Q., Weber, G.W., Neubauer, S., Slice, D.E., Chalk, J., Richmond, B.G., Lucas, P.W., Spencer, M.A., Schrein, C., Wright, B.W., Byron, C., Ross, C.F. The structural rigidity of the cranium of Australopithecus africanus: Implications for diet, dietary adaptations, and the allometry of feeding biomechanics.  Anat Record  293(4):583-93, April 2010.

Wang, Q., Ashley, D.W., Dechow, P.C.  Regional, ontogenetic, and sex-related variations in elastic properties of cortical bone in baboon mandibles.  Am J Phys Anthro  141(4):526-49, April 2010.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Suzanne Verma spoke at the International Congress on Maxillofacial Rehabilitation the week of May 21 in Sestri Levante, Italy.  The topic of her presentation was "The use of surgical navigation systems for virtual preoperative planning in craniofacial reconstruction."   The paper upon which the topic was based was authored by Verma, Marianela Gonzalez and Michael Ding.

Public Health Sciences

At the National Oral Health Conference in St. Louis in April, Dr. Kenneth Bolin spoke about "Preventive treatment practices of third- and fourth-year dental students."  Co-authors of the subject materials were Drs. Vaishnavi  Iyer and Hoda Abdellatif.  The presentation was sponsored by the American Association of Public Health Dentistry.


Yepes,  J.F., Bolin, K.A., Rodriguez,  M., and Tucker,  T.C.: Disparities in stage at diagnosis among adults with oral cancer in Kentucky.  J  Kentucky Medl Assoc  4:107-116, April 2010.