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Employee Profile - May 2010

Ms. JoAnn C. Scofield
2010 Dental Hygiene Teacher of the Year

JoAnn ScofieldAs JoAnn Scofield goes about her daily duties as associate professor and clinic coordinator in the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene this month, co-workers may notice a change in her demeanor.

Scofield, who joined the dental hygiene faculty on a full-time basis in 2002, will be retiring on June 1.  It is a bittersweet time for this dedicated educator.  She looks forward to retirement and all the perks it brings, yet she will miss her colleagues and the students she has guided into the dental profession. 

Prior to entering academia Scofield enjoyed a satisfying career in private practice.  She returned to school to earn her bachelor's degree in 1996 and her master's degree from Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry in 2001.  This experience, accompanied by her patient personality, optimism and sense of humor, served her well in the classroom.  She knew just what her protégés needed to learn before entering the professional world.  Her students expressed their appreciation for her efforts by nominating her for the 2010 Dental Hygiene Teacher of the Year Award.  Scofield considers the honor the highlight of her career.

A favorite HSC-BCD memory and one of the funniest is what she refers to as the "three- minute quiz" episode.

"I was teaching the students about patient education and how our patients don't always listen or follow directions.  To prove a point, I gave the students a three minute quiz.  They were told to read the entire quiz before answering any questions on the quiz.  The last item on the quiz told them to write their name on the quiz and turn it in.  Students who didn't follow my instructions found themselves doing all sorts of silly activities," says Scofield.  "I don't think I ever had to stifle a laugh so much as when many of the students started doing the silly activities because they didn't follow directions.  Then their expressions were priceless as they realized what was happening.  The exercise proved my point.  As usual the students had a wonderful sense of humor about it when it was all done."

Scofield menOutside of work Scofield enjoys reading and antiquing.  She and Clint, her husband of 37 years, enjoy spending time with their son Brad, who is a Plano fireman/paramedic, their daughter-in-law Kendra and their "crazy" dog.  The family also includes the memory of their son Andrew.  "He will remain in our hearts forever," says Scofield.

When asked about her personal motto or life philosophy, Scofield responds:

"It's not what happens to you that defines you; it's how you respond to it. I have always tried to live my life believing that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to do.  Sometimes that includes accepting things that I cannot change."

One thing she has definitely accomplished during her tenure at HSC-BCD is making an indelible impression on the students and her colleagues.