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Morris Minton Lectureship

New Honor Codes for a New Generation


Dr. McCabeThe Faculty Development Committee hosted the 2010 Morris Minton Lectureship on March 24. 

The guest lecturer, Donald L. McCabe, PhD, addressed an audience of students and faculty on the subject of "New Honor Codes for a New Generation." McCabe is professor of management and global business strategy and policy at Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick. He has been employed at Rutgers in numerous capacities since 1988. McCabe began as coadjutant and associate professor of organization management. For two years, he was director of the Executive MBA Program followed by three years as associate provost for campus development at the Newark campus. McCabe has published numerous articles on academic integrity.

Kelly Muhney, assistant professor of dental hygiene, amused the audience with stories of her history with McCabe. McCabe was a valuable resource for Muhney while she was pursuing her master's degree.

Dr. Morris S. Minton was a 1934 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry who practiced dentistry for 50 years in McKinney, Texas.  In addition to his numerous civic responsibilities, Minton served as president of the Texas Dental Association and as a delegate to the American Dental Association. 

As a member of the BCD board of trustees, he was instrumental in establishing the dental school as the only independent institution of oral medicine not associated with another health care facility in Texas. His leadership efforts earned him the recognition of distinguished alumnus from the BCD Alumni Association. In 1994 in recognition of her husband's achievements, Mrs. Morris Minton endowed Baylor College of Dentistry's newly created Honors Series Lecture.  This distinguished lecture brings national and international leaders to the college to speak on issues of ethics and academic integrity.


Dr. Lavern Holyfield, director of faculty development, explains that the Minton lectureship series is sponsored biennially by the Office of Academic Affairs as a resource to assist faculty in assuring academic integrity in our institution. "We remain grateful to Mrs. Minton for her gift to the college," Holyfield says.