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Record Online -March 2010

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This issue of the Baylor Dental Record Online is dedicated to the 2010 service award recipients. 
Please take a moment to read the profiles of employees who were honored for their service to the college.

A few announcements can be found in the Announcements section of this issue.  This publication will return to its regular format with the April edition.  News submissions for the April issue are due by March 12.  They can be submitted by e-mailing brobinson@bcd.tamhsc.edu.


BCD Employee Service Awards 2010

The 38th annual Service Awards ceremony was held on February 24 on the sixth floor of the college. HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry honored 68 loyal faculty and staff members. 

Service awards are based on recipients' years of full-time employment (50 percent or higher) at the college.  In some cases, the award may not reflect an individual's total number of years of service to HSC-BCD (for example, as a part-time, contract or temporary employee.)

Employees who have served the college 20 years or more are profiled in this issue.  Below is a list of employees who were honored for their service of 5, 10 and 15 years of service.


Dr. Barry Nelson and Nita Munguia L. Brock, L. Dees, S. Mitchell-Jackson, C. Cox


15 Years

Cary Foshee, media resources
Elizabeth Frazier, clinical affairs
Dr. Ernestine Lacy, student development
Susan Mitchell-Jackson, communications & institutional advancement
Juanita Munguia, restorative sciences

Dr. Charles Patterson, Jr., general dentistry
Hiram Patterson, facility services
Cindy Scroggins, library
Thomas Sullivan, financial services
Edgardo Victorino, financial services

10 Years

LaDawn Brock, communications & institutional advancement
Charlotte Butler, oral & maxillofacial surgery
Carmina Castro, information technology
Earnest Claiborne, Jr., environmental services
Dr. James S. Cole, dean
Kay Egbert, student financial aid
Willie Graham, clinical affairs
Dr. Stephen Griffin, clinical affairs
Joyce Hahn, biomedical sciences
Bennie Henderson, clinical affairs
Angela Hickman, clinical affairs
Pamela Hines, dental hygiene
Dr. Hershall Leinneweber, Jr., general dentistry
Dr. Hui Liang, diagnostic sciences
Dr. Michael Lillard, general dentistry
Melissa Mims, public health sciences
Charles Pride, environmental services
Sun Tanaka, financial services
Jacqueline Touch, clinical affairs
Francis Wilburn, environmental services

5 Years

Matthew Christy, library
Patricia DancingElk, academic affairs
Norma Grant, pediatric dentistry
Susan Gregory, clinical affairs
Laurie Haslitt, general dentistry
Anne Holman, clinical affairs
Elizabeth Lester, student financial aid
Dr. Thomas McKinney, restorative sciences
Jermaine Miller, general dentistry
Dr. William Nagy, restorative sciences

Joyce Peace, environmental services
Sharada Ramasubramanian, financial services
Debbie Roberts, biomaterials science
Vicki Russell, periodontics
Sylvia Sanchez, registrar
Jon Tait, information technology
Leilane Vicente, professional services
Janet Vielma, periodontics
Janice Ward, registrar
Londa Wilder, pediatric dentistry