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Carolyn Cox

Carolyn Cox - 20 Years
Communications & Institutional Advancement

Carolyn Cox, 1990

Carolyn Cox in 1990
(note the size of the computer)

Carolyn Cox accepted her dream job in public relations at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989. The year is now 2010 and quite a few things have changed; yet one thing remains the same - she still considers this her dream job.

Cox's responsibilities and titles have fluctuated over the past 20 years from her start as public relations coordinator to her current position as publications manager in the Office of Communications & Institutional Advancement. In this role her primary responsibility, and the one that she considers the most complex and time-consuming, is editor of the Baylor Dental Journal.

"I have always enjoyed the challenge of producing the Baylor Dental Journal from blank page to finished product," she says.

She also spends many hours each week editing everything from the Baylor Dental Record Online to news releases to web stories, and she often can be found working on special projects for faculty and staff. Although her superb editing skills are in high demand, she enjoys writing whenever possible about the vast scope of activities at the school.

Reflecting on her past 20 years of work at HSC-BCD, Cox comments, "The things that have changed the most include publication production methods, the size of computer screens and access to technology. What hasn't changed is that my desk is still always covered with papers."

Cox enjoys the day-to-day variety of her job. A couple of her favorite memories from the past two decades are excellent examples of this variety. She reflected on traveling to the Texas Capitol in 1995 and witnessing then-Governor George W. Bush's ceremonial signing of the bill authorizing the college's merger with the Texas A&M University System. She also remembers working with the crew of the television series "Walker, Texas Ranger" to find a good vantage point from the building to film a segment for the show.

Cox says that one reason she has remained at the dental college is the atmosphere. "I can't say enough about my wonderful, kind and extremely supportive coworkers. My office feels like family." 

Cox familyCox uses her public relations skills during her off-hours. She volunteers extensively at her church, including leading the publicity efforts for building-fund campaigns for the young and growing congregation. As a middle school youth sponsor she stays busy with meetings, activities and mission trips. She also teaches Bible stories "Montessori-style" to early elementary children one Sunday morning each month.

The center of Cox's universe is her family. She has been married to her husband, Chris, for more than 22 years and is quick to add that they have been friends since second grade. The couple has two wonderful children. Cox and her husband stay on the go with their children's activities. The family also likes to travel throughout the United States on their family vacations.