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Dr. Francisco Rivera Hidalgo

Dr. Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo - 25 Years

Carriage Monument Valley photographed by Paco Rivera
Iwo Jima Evening photographed by Paco Rivera
Alamo at Night photographed by Paco Rivera
When Dr. Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo first joined the faculty at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry, his initial impression was a pervasive sense of family and teamwork.

Twenty-five years later the professor and director of research in periodontics is pleased to report that, although many changes have occurred through the years, the family atmosphere and camaraderie continue to this day. 

Rivera-Hidalgo teaches predoctoral and graduate students in addition to managing the department's research. He cites interacting with other professionals and the students as his favorite aspect of his job.

"We have excellent students and faculty," he says. "Coupled with the warm atmosphere at the college, it makes for an all-around great working environment."

When he is not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his family. Although not originally from Texas, he says family members have grown to love the region. "We all have become Texans after living here for so many years," he quips. 

Rivera-Hidalgo's other interest is documenting his travels with photography. He submitted excellent examples of his hobby for the readers' enjoyment. 


Horseman Monument Valley photographed by Paco Rivera