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Scott Frederick

Scott Frederick - 25 Years
Media Resources

Scott Frederick (with one of his many cameras)The phrase "calm, cool and collected" suits him perfectly. He is Scott Frederick, director of Media Resources.  

Frederick's responsibilities include overseeing a wide array of technical "stuff" that often frustrates mere mortals. Yet Frederick takes it in stride, makes it work and makes others look good in the process.  It is all in a day's work doing what he does best - and he has done his best at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry for the past 25 years.

Frederick says the following about his primary duties: "We [Media Resources] are the central campus resource providing classroom technology installation and support, multimedia production, video conferences, video, audio, and technology support for college events, webcasting, graphic design, photography and printing services."

As if that were not enough to stress a technophobe, Frederick adds, "We also provide consulting and training on how to use these and other tools for effective teaching, learning and communication." 

What does this mean? In a nutshell, if something involves an abundance of wires, cables and technical know-how, then Frederick is the man on the scene or, literally, the man behind the scenes. A fine example of his behind-the-scenes work is the college's centennial celebration video that he shot and edited (http://bcd.tamhsc.edu/about/flvplayer.html).

Much of Frederick's life has revolved around the Baylor moniker; he was born at Baylor University Medical Center. Fast-forward to 1984 when he began his career at HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry, a move Frederick chalks up to luck.

"I was just lucky enough 25 years ago to respond to that ad in the paper," he says. Four months after starting work at the college Frederick married Katie. Therefore, in addition to celebrating 25 years of employment at the college, Frederick will celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary in March. 

Frederick's high regard for the college's faculty, staff, administration and students is shown in his dependability and loyalty over the years. Admittedly, his top three passions are his faith, his family and his job. He and his wife recently have taken a cue from their church in Coppell and are "giving back" to HSC-BCD. A portion of the proceeds from Katie's new cappuccino-machine business, which supplies several machines to the college, is contributed to the HSC-BCD Student Council to support its activities.

Frederick attributes his longevity at the dental school to the people whom he calls colleagues. "Ultimately, no matter where you work, it's the people," he says.

Known for his wry sense of humor, he adds that the dress code over the years has played a part in his staying, too, given the change from "...shirts and ties to scrubs and athletic shoes."