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Department News - Jan/Feb 2009

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Academic Affairs


McCann A, Schneiderman E, Hinton R.  E-teaching and learning preferences of dental and dental hygiene students.  Journal of Dental Education 74:65-78, 2010.

Biomaterials Science

Dr. Ikuya Watanabe gave a presentation on "Laser welding of dental alloys" at the Second International Congress of the Croatian Society for Dental Prosthetics and Croatian Dental Chamber in Zagreb, Croatia, Dec. 11-12.

Watanabe presented "Scholarly activities at Baylor College of Dentistry" at the Bordeaux Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry in Bordeaux, France, on Dec. 15.

Biomedical Sciences


Dr. Lynne Opperman attended the XIII Biennial International Congress of the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery Sept. 26-30 in Oxford, England. She gave one oral and one poster presentation, respectively:

  • Opperman LA, He D, Herbert M, Barcelo R, Elsalanty ME, Weprin BE, Genecov DG. rhBMP-2 induces bone formation in large cranial defects in the presence of repaired dura mater.
  • Xu H, Opperman LA, Dechow PC, Buschang PH, Liu SS. Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 affects midsagittal sutural expansion.

On Nov. 14, Dr. Emet Schneiderman presented "New tools for answering old questions on how best to repair cleft lip and palate: conebeam CT and randomized clinical trials" at the Reconstructive Surgery Summit at the Westin Galleria in Dallas. The meeting was hosted by IntraMed Health and the World Craniofacial Foundation.


Elsalanty ME, Zakhary I, Aqeel S, Benson B, Mulone T, Triplett RG, Opperman LA.  Reconstruction of canine mandibular bone defects using a bone transport reconstruction plate.  Annals of Plastic Surgery 63:441-448, 2009.

Yu W, Serrano M, San Miguel S, Ruest LB, Svoboda KKH. Cleft lip and palate genetics and application in early embryological development.  Indian Journal for Plastic Surgery NIHMSID156044 42:S35-S50, 2009.



Dr. Peter Buschang presented a lecture titled "Efficient orthodontics using miniscrew implants and distraction osteogenesis" at the William H. Bell Lectureship in Dallas on Nov. 14.


Brinkley CL, Behrents R, Kim KB, Condoor S, Kyung HE, Buschang PH. Pitch and longitudinal fluting effects on the primary stability of miniscrew implants. Angle Orthod 79(6): 1156-1161, 2009.

Roldan S, Buschang PH, Isaza Saldarriaga JF, Throckmorton G. Reliability of maximum bite force measurements in age-varying populations. J Oral Rehabil 36:801-807, 2009.