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Staff Development Day

Staff Development DayBefore students returned for the spring semester, the staff at HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry enjoyed a day to laugh and learn a bit more about themselves and their colleagues.

Approximately 120 staff members participated in Staff Development Day Jan. 6 in the Folsom Room at Baylor University Medical Center's A. Webb Roberts Hospital.
Cindy Copeland, co-chair of the Staff Development Day committee, says participants loved the presentations and said they felt appreciated.

Participants enjoyed four seminars and free breakfast and lunch. Terry Cartwright, a human resources representative at The University of Texas at Dallas, started the day with "What they ought to be teaching you at Harvey's Business School," a seminar about how to be effective yet pleasant. Another morning session titled "Who put a lizard in my lasagna?" introduced the Lizard Philosophy, a way to work with a positive attitude and improve customer service. In the afternoon, participants learned about Jungian personality types and assessed their own. The final session of the day taught basics of first aid.

In response to its popularity, the communication styles assessment from Cartwright's session is available for all staff to use. E-mail Copeland at ccopeland@bcd.tamhsc.edu to request a copy.

It is not too late for Staff Development Day participants to turn in their evaluation forms to Copeland. Participants who submitted Jungian personality tests can pick up their personality summaries in her office in Room 22.

The day-long event was funded by Dr. James S. Cole, HSC-BCD dean, and organized by the staff development committee: Cindy Copeland, accounting technician in facilities services; Joyce Hahn, administrative assistant in biomedical sciences; Gary Hornback, financial manager in clinical affairs; Liz Lester, assistant director in financial aid; Richard Cardenas, administrative coordinator in public health sciences; and Kristal Grubbs, patient services coordinator in restorative sciences.

Next year's Staff Development Day is scheduled for Jan. 5, 2011. Staff members who are interested in joining its planning committee can e-mail Gary Hornback at ghornback@bcd.tamhsc.edu.