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Ortho alumni win awards

Dr. Cody Moore and Dr. Hideki Ikeda, 2009 orthodontic graduates of HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry, were awarded the 2010 Thomas M. Graber Award of Special Merit from the American Association of Orthodontists.   The awards will be presented on May 3 at the AAO annual session.

Dr. Cody Moore

Dr. Cody Moore '09

Each accredited U.S. and Canadian orthodontic program can submit two projects for the competition. The award to Moore and Ikeda demonstrates the association's recognition of HSC-BCD for outstanding research performed. 

Moore's project, titled "Effects of latency on the quality and quantity of bone produced by dentoalveolar distraction osteogenesis," showed that large defects can be filled and excellent amounts and quality of bone can be produced with dentoalveolar distraction (1 mm/day). Researchers reported that the bone produced was more than sufficient for restorations with dental implants. Except for slight differences in maturation, latency had little or no effect on the regenerate bone produced.

Dr. Hideki Ikeda
                   Dr. Hideki Ikeda '09

Ikeda's project, "Three-dimensional analysis of peri-bone-implant contact of rough surface miniscrew implants," showed that miniscrew implants with sand-blasted, large-grit and acid-etched surfaces have higher success rates than machine surfaced miniscrew implants. The successful outcomes are due to greater amounts of new bone closely associated with the implant. Ikeda's research also showed that loaded miniscrew implants exhibited greater amounts of bone around the implant than unloaded ones.

Along with the recognition of their accomplishments at the AAO annual session in Washington, D.C., Moore and Ikeda each will receive a $2,000 award and $750 for travel expenses.